Our History

The house was built in 1840 by Paul Holland Knowlton, one of the founders of Knowlton Village. It is erected at the place where the Knowlton Pub is now located; in fact, the Pub is built on the original foundations of the house at 267 Knowlton Road. The house is originally a blacksmith shop.

In 1850, the house was moved at the corner of Knowlton Road and Maple Street. You can see today condos.

In 1980, the owners of the house want to demolish it, but Mr. Ronald D'Aoust buys it for the modest sum of $ 1. At 402 Knowlton Road, Mrs. Isaia Fuller's house is devastated by fire. Mr. D'Aoust buys the land and makes sure that the new foundations support the future house. In order to transport it without asking Hydro-Québec for help, Mr. D'Aoust cut the roof in two and folded inward on the upper floor. Once at its location, the house is put on its new foundation and the roof is put back into position. He then renovates his interior. He ensures that the original beams are highlighted. The owner and Mr. Peter Stone then build a huge natural stone fireplace. The appearance of the house is also important.

In 1983, the house was rented to a government charity dedicated to teenagers in need: the Katimavik project.

In 1989, the house was sold to Mr. Jimmy Orlando, a former Detroit Red Wings player from the late '40s and early' 50s. The house was again sold to Sir Norman Delves in 1991. His wife Mary requested permission make it a Bed and Breakfast and call it the Delves. Seven years pass and the house is sold in 1998 to Mr. Norman Faubert. He and his wife Jocelyne renamed the Bed and Breakfast: The Dormance. The year after, Mr. Faubert decided to add a section of 7 m by 7 m on the east side of the property. François Lequin, Keith Battely and Ronald D'Aoust make sure to respect the splendid character of the property. The magnificent residence now comprises seven bedrooms, each with private bath..

In April 2003, Mr. Dubois and his wife acquired the Bed and Breakfast and renamed it, in honor of the founder, Ancestral Knowlton B & B.

In April 2011, Mr. Michel Mc Duff and his spouse Geneviève Lévesque became the owners.

In October 2017, Peter Zindel and his wife Yvonne Zindel become the new owners.

We are happy to welcome you to our special B&B

Peter and Yvonne

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